Oregon Premises Liability Attorney

Hurt from damaged or unsafe property?
Oregon Premises Liability Attorney
Can I recover because I was injured on another person’s property or business in the state of Oregon?

Clark Law & Associates, LLC handles the following types of premises liability cases:

Slip and Fall
Trip and Fall
Attractive Nuisance
Dangerous Conditions on Property

If you can prove the business/property owner is liable, then you are entitled to medical bill reimbursement and other compensation.

Free short initial phone consultation:Oregon Premises Liability Attorney Please feel free to telephone Attorney Jennie L. Clark or one of her associates for a short phone consultation to determine if our firm is willing to accept your case on a contingency basis or hourly basis. If an attorney is not available when you call, a legal assistant will be available to obtain basic information about your case and arrange for a phone appointment. Please note that it is difficult for us to do an appropriate consult via e-mail because I usually have multiple questions.

Disclaimer: We do not represent you unless we have a signed fee agreement. Legal information presented at this site is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice specific to any particular case. This website does not form an attorney/client relationship. This web site is only intended to solicit clients for injuries which occurred on premises inside the State of Oregon. Each case should be analyzed on an individual basis. Laws are not necessarily updated on this website in a timely manner.

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